Vicky Pattison can't do her own make-up

Vicky Pattison struggles to do her own make-up, according to her beauty assistant Mikey Phillips.

Vicky Pattison can't do her own make-up

Vicky Pattison can't do her own make-up.

Mikey Phillips, who looks after the former 'Geordie Shore's glam look, insists his client always needs a helping hand to get her make-up looking on point.

He said: "Vicky will confess that she cannot do her own make-up no matter how many times you show her, but she loves getting glammed up. I love working with her as everyday it's always something different."

Meanwhile, Mikey also revealed Vicki starts her make-up routine whilst still in bed to speed things up, opting for eye masks to avoid puffiness and give the impression of a long night's sleep when it might have only been a few hours.

He added to OK! Online: "Vicky has a hectic schedule and it usually involves a really early call time, resulting in us getting glammed up whilst she's still in bed!

"Vicky is obsessed with Rodial Dragon's Blood Eye Masks, helping to banish fine lines and puffiness and give the illusion of 8 hours sleep. We also love the Rodial Dragon's Blood cleansing water and Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream moisturiser to give skin a radiant glow. Vicky has amazing skin though."

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