Vogue Williams' 'crazy' gym sessions

Vogue Williams admits she trains like a "crazy person" when she hits the gym but doesn't ever do an "intense" workout.

Vogue Williams' 'crazy' gym sessions

Vogue Williams trains like a "crazy person" in the gym.

The 30-year-old model is known for her slim figure but admits she doesn't have an "intense" exercise regime and believes the key to maintaining a good figure is consistent workouts.

She said: "I wouldn't say my routine is intense but it is consistent! I really like training regularly as it's good for your mind as well as your body obviously. I go to the gym five to six times per week and train like a crazy woman for 30 minutes!

"I do a mixture of weights and high intensity training. When it comes to my diet, I try to be good with food for about 80% of the time but I will never, ever miss an opportunity for pizza!"

Meanwhile, Vogue also revealed she gets a lot of fashion and make-up inspiration from Instagram.

She added: "I get a lot of inspiration from Instagram and I'm always screengrabbing outfits and discovering new designers. I'm always flicking through all the fashion magazines to see what trends are coming up!"

When asked if she had any bad beauty habits, she told Reveal magazine: "Not many but I probably don't brush my hair as often as I should!"

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