Zoe Hardman relies on green juices for fitness

Heart Radio DJ Zoe Hardman has revealed her top tips for staying in shape and credits her daily "green" smoothies and vegetable-heavy diet for providing her with such an enviable figure.

Zoe Hardman relies on green juices for fitness

Zoe Hardman's secret weapon to keeping in great shape are her "green smoothies".

The 32-year-old presenter is a Heart Radio DJ by night and fitness fanatic by day and when she's not entertaining the nation she writes a column for Your Fitness magazine and says following a natural food diet is the best path to an enviable body.

Zoe told BANG Showbiz: "I'm a big green smoothie fan, I will have a green juice every day. I'm a massive fan of trying to eat as well as you can across the board. So, for me, get your greens in; if it grows on a tree and comes from the ground, that kind of mentality. It's almost like a caveman diet, but I'm not obsessive, I am allowed pizza each week!"

The blonde beauty - whose show airs across the Heart network from 10pm to 1am - is a regular at the gym but admits she relies on group exercise to keep her motivated.

She shared: "I really mix up my exercise. I am like every other girl, doing 40 minutes on a cross trainer is not for me. I'm a big Barry's Bootcamp fan, I try to go two or three times a week and because I'm at work I'll always try to do a Bikram yoga and maybe a Pilates as well. It's about making sure that you know what you are putting in your mouth, it has to be totally clean; if you are buying processed food just think what that is doing to your body, I try to think about that."

Meanwhile, Zoe - who previously deejayed for house music label Hed Kandi - embarked on a five-day drive from Ibiza to London last week to promote SEAT's new SEAT Ibiza car and was accompanied by her trusty recorder.

She's collected sound bites from the road trip which will be used to produce her first ever music track and the DJ confessed she's dreamed of making music since she was a teenager.

She said: "I still DJ every day, and I still love real house music. That's why it's so great because I can produce my first track - I've been wanting to do that since I was fifteen. So I'm really excited about that."

Visit www.seat.co.uk for more information on the new SEAT Ibiza car.

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