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Salted egg yolk goodies: 2 new treats to fix your cravings

Salted egg yolk waffles, cookies, croissants, and now, hot cross buns and… rainbow cake. Are these two hybrid offerings worth the calories?

 Salted Egg Yolk Hot Cross Bun

1. Salted Egg Yolk Hot Cross Bun ($4.50 each)

JOE & DOUGH, AVAILABLE AT ALL OUTLETS INCLUDING #01-10 ORCHARD GATEWAY, 277 ORCHARD RD, S238858. TEL: 6702-4656. Open daily 9am-10.30pm. Last orders at closing.

Instead of stuffing the rich golden yolk into croissants, this home-grown cafe chain has rolled out Hot Cross Buns. The traditional raisin and fruit peel orbs are usually eaten to celebrate Easter. But Joe & Dough’s palm-sized version stars a photogenic plain charcoal-flavoured bun with salted egg yolk piped into it. We heated up the buns for half a minute and cut into one to find its lava-like yolk oozing out hypnotisingly. While some folks have commented on social media that their buns, well, had performance anxiety, we were lucky that our batch of hot buns did not get stage fright.

“But the bread tastes like normal roti leh,” complains our colleague. The charcoal bun itself is soft, slightly fluffy and rather tasteless sans fruity embellishments. But some might argue that it forms an ideal blank canvas for the filling. The golden-yellow custard made with ingredients like milk, honey and salted egg yolks is on point: thick, silky, sweet and savoury with a satisfyingly strong whiff of salted egg flavour. Just like a good liu sha bao from a reputable dim sum restaurant, but with a regular bun that needs no steaming to stay soft.

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