Food crazes that rocked Singapore

From Jenny Bakery to llao llao, we look at some food crazes that have swept our nation. How many have you queued for? 

Jenny Bakery
Jenny Bakery
27 Oct 2015

Jenny Bakery

What made it work: Mention butter cookies in Hong Kong, and Jenny Bakery comes to mind. The famous bakery is a cookie haven for tourists and locals alike, and long lines are often seen at its two outlets. And it is no exception in Singapore. In September, their pop-up booth at a Mid-Autumn Festival roadshow in Junction 8 drew snaking queues and the cookies were sold out even before the sale began at 7pm. 

The long wait: Despite the haze, fans began queuing two hours before the opening of its new store in Ang Mo Kio last Friday (Oct 23). Though the cookies are more expensive here - a large tin of 4 Mix Butter Cookies consisting of butter, coffee, shortbread and raisin oat cookies, costs S$45 compared to just HK$130 (S$23.35) in Hong Kong, two tonnes of cookies which were brought in for the store opening were sold out in just two days. The bakery says new shipment will only arrive on Thursday (Oct 29) and sale will start at 5pm.

Where it stands today: It is still too early to tell as the store has only been opened for less than a week but going by the response on the bakery’s Facebook page, loyal fans are unfazed by the queue and cookie shortage. After all, good things come to those who wait.

Where to get your fix: With no plans to open new outlets in Singapore, fans have no choice but to head to Block 422 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 to get their tins of buttery cookies. The good news is, lines  soon be a thing of the past (hopefully) as the bakery intends to implement a booking system by the end of November to minimise queuing.

Photo: Jenny Bakery

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