Fun with Food: 3 offbeat eateries to try this week

Dig into a flowerpot of pudding, shake up a Korean lunch box or, er, lift some weights while waiting for your sandwich.

3. Food.With.Benefits: The Food
3. Food.With.Benefits: The Food
18 May 2015

3. Food.With.Benefits: The Food

Muffins ($3; 199-258 calories), Cookies ($1.70 each; 101-116 calories) and Brownies ($3.50; 226 calories)
We couldn’t really taste the protein powder in these bakes, thankfully. The signature Cranberry Lemon Muffin packs plenty of zest and every bite yields a cranberry. Though it’s moist enough, its texture is slightly too dense. The crunchy, tangy White Choc Cranberry Pistachio Cookies aren’t bad either. Skip the dry, hard brownie.

BOTTOM LINE: The workout concept is gimmicky and we aren’t fans of the protein pastries, but we’ll return for the value-for-money main courses.  

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