Harry Parr: The man who’s paid to play with food

The “culinary experience designer” makes a living from crafting jelly installations


Miniatures of iconic buildings crafted entirely out of jelly. Flavoured fireworks to usher in the New Year where spectators saw red bursts in the sky and walked into clouds of strawberry mist. Even edible banana confetti and giant bubbles tasting of tangy Spanish oranges were also unleashed. A recording of the sound of jelly wobbling.

“Culinary experience designer” Harry Parr, 32, (along with his partner Sam Bompas), has done them all. The Londoner, a former architect, was recently in town to launch the Magnum Infinity Bar. Crafted from a rare source of naturally rich cocoa from Tanzania, the ice cream bar contains double the cocoa intensity of a classic Magnum. Bompas and Parr created a larger-than-life playground on the rooftop of The Esplanade to emphasise the link between ice cream and the happy memories of childhood. Thanks for giving us adults a good excuse to ride a 7m-tall slide and 4m-high swing, Harry.

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