Is it the Year of the Goat or the Sheep? The Muttons explain...

Still confused if this is the Year of the Goat or the Sheep? You’re not alone. And who better than THE MUTTONS to weigh in on the meaty issue.

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VERNON A, 42 and JUSTIN ANG, 33, are of course household names, but did you know why the (formerly 987FM) Class95 jocks and co-owners of Fatboy’s The Burger Bar decided on their meaty moniker? Quips Justin, “Mutton is the only meat with no negative connotations like cowardly chicken or fat cow. And you don’t get any diseases from it. Just high cholesterol!”

8 DAYS: No one seems to be able to decide if it’s the Year of the Goat or the Sheep. Which is it to you?
JUSTIN ANG: It’s the Year of the Goat. If you go to Chinatown — the Wikipedia of all things Chinese New Year — they’ve decorated an entire road with this year’s zodiac sign, which is a gigantic goat!

VERNON A: I think it’s the Year of the Sheep ’cos Chinatown is now full of ‘sheep’ snapping up overpriced Chinese New Year decorations and festive goods. (Guffaws)

Okay, you’re not helping. How do you tell lamb, mutton and goat meat apart?

Justin: I can’t answer this ’cos I don’t eat any of those. They’re all terribly pungent. Whenever I accidentally eat mutton, I feel like vomiting!

Vernon: That’s a good reaction, Mutton, ’cos it’s cannibalism! I can’t tell the difference when I’m eating ’cos I’m not a big foodie [even though I own F&B outlets]. But I’d be able to tell if it was prepared in a specific way, like soup kambing. Lamb is also typically used in Western cuisines, while mutton and goat meat are more common in Asian dishes.

Justin, you’re a Capricorn, a goat sign which is said to be ambitious, patient and cautious. How true is this for you?

Justin: I’m not into horoscopes, but I’m certainly ambitious.

Vernon: He tries to finish a lot of food at one go.

Justin: (Guffaws) I have places I want to go in my life and career. I’m patient to a fault, and I’m very cautious ’cos I don’t make friends easily. I’m also a scaredy cat who’s afraid of cockroaches and getting inked!

Vernon, your 12-year-old son Ethan was born in the Year of the Goat. People with this zodiac sign are shy and prefer to be in groups. Do you agree?
Vernon: It’s true. He’s an only child and is very soft-hearted and mild-mannered, but he loves going to school and hanging out with his friends. He’s always asking me to take him out with his cousins!

Some people avoid having kids in the Year of the Goat because they think the child will grow up to be too passive. Are you worried?
Vernon: I think being passive isn’t necessarily a bad trait; it means they listen and give in more. I think it’s okay as long as I guide him well and he’s street-smart. I won’t rule out a Year of the Goat baby [with blogger wife Jayne Tham] this year, but we’ll just let things happen naturally.

Justin: Vernon and his tattoos will beat the s*** out of anyone who bullies his son (laughs). I’m not superstitious, so I’d definitely just risk it. My wife and I are thinking of adopting a child next year so if we do that, the baby will probably be born this year. I don’t mind which year my kid is born in as long as he’s cute!

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