91 year old carries baby for 60 years

Estela Melendez had an X-ray only to reveal she had been carrying a baby for more than six decades.

91 year old carries baby for 60 years

A 91-year-old woman has been pregnant for 60 years.

The pensioner, Estela Melendez, from La Boca, Chile, was having an X-ray when doctors found a large mass, which turned out to be a fetus growing in her womb.

She told CNN news: "The doctor said I had a tumour and that they needed to operate on me."

Estela had been unable to conceive a child for 74 years while with her husband Manuel Gonzalez.

Medical professionals have decided not to remove the fetus because of her age as it could pose health risks.

Estela said she and her husband who passed away earlier in the year, had "suffered tremendously" having not been able to have a child and now she feels it's a reminder of the baby they never had.

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