A dog has mothered cheetah's

A dog has mothered five cheetah cubs after their mother died giving birth.

A dog has mothered cheetah's

A dog has taken five orphaned Cheetah cubs under its paw.

The Australian Shepherd dog was called in as a surrogate after the newborns lost their mother, Willow, shortly after a C-Section on March 8 in Ohio, America.

Blakely, a resident companion, will be caring for the three boys and two girls over the next eight to 12 weeks, with zoo staff at her bark and call to help with bottle-feeding.

Speaking to The Telegraph newspaper Thane Maynard, Director of the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens said: "Willow was able to contribute to the survival of her species by producing five cheetah cubs."

Thane explained how the death of the cubs' mother after surgery was inevitable.

He said: "Without the C-section, we likely would have lost both the mom and the cubs."

Cheetahs are endangered and their population has shrunk from 100,000 in 1900 to an estimated 9,000 to 12,000 today, according to The Telegraph.

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