A gang of squirrels stole a student's steak

A gang of squirrels have stolen a student's steak whilst it was cooking on a frying pan, although this wasn't the first time the rodents have targeted student kitchens.

A gang of squirrels stole a student's steak

A gang of squirrels stole a steak from a student's kitchen.

The woodland animals have crashed Kingston University's halls of residence in Surbiton, south west London, and made a swift getaway with a steak, whilst it was frying - although this not the first time the bushy tailed pests have targeted student food-filled kitchens.

Speaking to Daily Mirror newspaper about the incident, a 19-year-old student, Eric Brain, said: "There are numerous problems with squirrels. If you have a window open when you're cooking and leave the room for a second a squirrel will come in and try and take your food.

"Recently, one got in and took a steak I was cooking. When I came back in the kitchen everything was all over the floor."

Another student said: "They've raided the shared kitchen in my flat several times in the past few months - they grab anything they can and shoot back out of the window.

"I came back from a lecture last week and found cashew nuts all over the floor, and the week before a squirrel came in through the window and just stared at me as I was cooking, like it was just waiting to pounce.

"There's quite a gang of squirrels around here who know we are easy pickings - it sounds daft, but it's becoming quite a problem."

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