A parrot is a key witness in fatal accident

A parrot is a key witness in fatal accident because it kept repeating the victim's last phrase "Don't f***ing shoot".

A parrot is a key witness in fatal accident

A parrot shouted "don't f***ing shoot" is a key witness in fatal accident.

The African grey-coloured bird called Bud is believed to have seen the shooting of a man in Michigan, America, according to his former wife, because the bird has been repeating the victim's last words, but the prosecutor doesn't think the pet should stand up in court.

Speaking to The Associated Press about the incident, Newaygo County Prosecutor Robert Springstead said: "I'm not aware of any legal precedent for that.

"Certainly, as we work our way through the case, that may be something to look at, but I highly doubt there is any precedent for that."

Talking about how the parrot would be in court, he quipped: "To a parrot, are you raising a wing, a foot?"

The 45-year-old victim was allegedly shot five times at his home in Ensley Township last month, whilst his wife was wounded but managed to survive the fatality.

And she has revealed the parrot hasn't stopped repeating the expletive in her ex-partner's voice.

She explained to WOOD-TV: "[Bud said] 'Don't f***ing shoot.'"

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