A randy fox strips tube worker

A randy fox strips off a tube workers trousers after he falls asleep at a bus stop in London.

A randy fox strips tube worker

A tube worker was stripped by a randy fox whilst he slept.

Steve Gould, 35, fell asleep waiting for his bus home to Thurrock, Essex, after missing his stop on the tube, only to be woken up by the "fearless" red haired animal tugging off his trousers, reported The Daily Telegraph newspaper.

Steve - who had enjoyed an alcohol fuelled night out in London's Soho - said: "I must've passed out and woke up at half past three, looked down and saw the fox nibbling on my trainers. It must've woken me.

"It was just curious - I wasn't scared at all because it seemed to be saying either, 'come with me and have an adventure' or 'get your kit off'. He was absolutely fearless.

"I got up and he moved back a little bit into the middle of the road as if to say, 'come on, have a laugh'.

Despite Steve's numerous failed attempts to get home safely, he retreated to a friend's house to avoid bumping into the nocturnal predator again.

He explained: "I was out for a drink - quite a few drinks, actually - in Soho.

"What I normally do at the end of the night, is get on a couple of tubes to Upminster a taxi home from there. But I fell asleep on the tube and woke up further on than Mile End. I didn't know where I was, slightly disoriented, and found a bus stop that had a night bus service - it must've been half-twelve, one o'clock."

He said: "I didn't end up making it home, and stayed at a friend's in Peckham. I love animals and think they're adorable. He was so playful but not biting at all."

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