A vending machine has been held hostage

A threat has been made against a machine because of it's lack of Cheetos.

A vending machine has been held hostage

A vending machine is under threat.

One keen junk food consumer placed a ransom note in a snack dispensary threatening consequences if more Cheetos are not stocked.

On the note they wrote: "Put Cheetos back in this machine or I will snip the power cables you have 1 week."

The image of the endangered machine has been circulated on image sharing site Imugur with users spoofing the next part of the story.

One person wrote: "Florida man dies of electric shock attempting to snip the power supply to an office vending machine without first unplugging it"

With another joking: "Good way to start a flaming hot war"- making reference to the spicy flavour variation of the snack.

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