Adults cook at Xmas

A survey by Samsung found the average person doesn't feel grown up until the age of 27 and it takes things like being able to cook Christmas dinner or change a lightbulb to feel like an adult.

Adults cook at Xmas

A fifth of British people don't feel grown up until they've cooked Christmas dinner.

Though 18 is the age which officially marks adulthood, many young people don't feel they have truly left their youth behind until they are 27, while 10 per cent only feel like a "real adult" when they turn 36.

A new survey from Samsung in partnership with The School of Life found people believe skills required for adulthood included traditional milestones such as learning to drive, getting a job and obtaining a mortgage alongside asking someone out on a date, being able to change a lightbulb, building flatpack furniture, going on holiday with a loved one and cooking a festive feast.

The survey was commissioned to celebrate the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A, a new tablet designed for the whole family to help them get more from their everyday life.

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