Antiques Roadshow put £35k valuation child's art project

'Antiques Roadshow' mistakenly valued a child-made jug as a £35k 'antique'.

Antiques Roadshow put £35k valuation child's art project

'Antiques Roadshow' in America has been left red-faced after an 'antique' jug valued at £35,000 was actually a child's art project.

An episode of the show, filmed in Spokane, Washington, last summer showed the valuation of a distinctive jug 'antique' belonging to Alvin Barr.

Mr. Barr had found the jug a few years earlier in a barn during an estate sale.

He paid $300 - despite the piece being covered in straw and chicken droppings.

On the show, antique expert Stephen Fletcher, told him what it was worth. He said: "It's bizarre and wonderful. You even see a little bit of Pablo Picasso going on here ... I think it's probably late 19th or early 20th century ... somebody might well ask in the area of between $30,000 and $50,000 for this."

But new information came to light on Tuesday (10.05.16) when Bestsy Soule got in touch with the show after it broadcast - and provided photographic evidence that she had actually made it at high school 40 years ago.

Speaking to the Bend Bulletin, Betsy said: "I was just a really passionate, artistic kid."

Mr. Fletcher has since downgraded his estimate for the jug's value to around $3,000-$5,000, still significantly more than its current owner paid for it.

Mr. Barr says he prefers the lower valuation.

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