Baby sloth gets new mum in teddy

A teddy bear has replaced a mother of a baby sloth who needs cuddly toy to build his strength.

Baby sloth gets new mum in teddy

A baby sloth in London Zoo is using a teddy bear as a replacement mother.

The sloth named Edward - after Johnny Depp's character in 'Edward Scissorhands' due to his claws - lost his mum when she stopped producing milk and zoo keepers were scared that he wouldn't survive on bottle-feeding alone, because the animal also builds strength by clambering over the mother when young.

So handler Kelly-Anne Kelleher customised a sloth-teddy for Edward - who lives in a tree - whilst she bottle feeds him.

She told The Daily Telegraph: "We're bottle-feeding Edward every three hours with goat's milk, topped up with some vitamins to keep him fit and healthy.

"If he's feeling particularly hungry he makes a very funny noise to let us know."

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