Best Friend Tampons invented

Sharing a tampon with your best friend is the new symbol for friendship. Forget bracelets, yin and yangs and half heart necklaces, sharing your period is the key to true friendship.

Best Friend Tampons invented

Best Friend tampons are a thing.

A simple friendship bracelet is not enough to prove how close you are to your BFF anymore.

Now girls can show their appreciation for their best mate by sharing a tampon.

Friends Forever Tampons is a new invention of two tampons tied on the same string with the caption "let friendship flow".

The bonkers creator Kat said if you are in sync with your bestie then you are "not actually best friends".

She told The Cut:"Friends Forever Tampons bring you extremely close to your best friend for up to eight hours at a time. If you don't happen to be synced with your matey, Kat told The Cut: "then you're probably not actually best friends".

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