Boy reports dad to police for jumping red light

A young boy shamed his father by phoning the police when he jumped a red light in the city of Quincy in Massachusetts.

Boy reports dad to police for jumping red light

A boll called 911 emergency services after his father ran a red light.

The young child, whose name is Robert chose law and morals over family loyalty when he rang the police to report his dad whilst he was still in the moving vehicle.

The police have released audio of Robert making the phone call and speaking to a dispatcher regarding his father's alleged traffic offence.

According to Sky News, the innocent crime-stopper said: "Um, daddy went passed a red light. He has a black truck. He was in a brand new car . . . Mummy's car."

The determined youngster called from Quincy in Massachusetts and revealed how his father committed the violation on their way to a car wash.

The dispatcher than asked to speak to the young boy's father, who said: "Oh, no! I apologise."

The embarrassed parent revealed how his son was only five years old and Quincy Police did not pursue the alleged violation with any ticket being issued.

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