BreadTalk slammed for passing off packet soya bean milk as their own

BreadTalk has temporarily pulled the drink from shelves


Photos: SG Share X

Singapore bakery chain BreadTalk has come under fire on social media after one of its employees was caught red handed repackaging Yeo’s brand soya bean milk and passing it off as their own.

A female employee was photographed filling BreadTalk bottles with the beverage, which were later sold as “freshly prepared” soya bean milk.

BreadTalk pulled the drink from shelves after the photos were published on SG Share X’s Facebook page on Monday. A packet of Yeo’s soya bean milk is sold at S$1.50 at NTUC supermarket while the the bottled drink at BreadTalk costs S$1.80.

Price mark-ups aside, some netizens have questioned the company’s integrity for advertising the soya bean milk as “freshly prepared” when it actually came from a carton. 

“BreadTalk, how much do you earn by selling these soya bean milk? Disgusting and disgrace! Cheat by this way (sic),” said Lin Emily Lin on Facebook.

“At least don’t say [it's] 'freshly prepared', that’s just plain misleading and cheating,” commented Django on online site Redwire Times.

“Never lie to your customers. It really sucks to read this, thanks for revealing the ‘truth’,” wrote Zhenna.

According to a media report on Tuesday, BreadTalk admitted that the drink was from a Yeo's packet, but denied selling it as "freshly prepared". The brand's spokesman said the drink was labelled as "soya bean" in signs at its store, and in some cases the Yeo's logo was also printed on the signs.

In a statement on its Facebook page on Tuesday, BreadTalk apologised for "any wrong impressions created" and said it was never its intention to mislead customers. It added that its outlets are currently in the midst of transiting from bottle sales to its vendor’s dispensing machines to "convey greater clarity to customers".


A photo of an employee icing a Bengawan Solo cake at an Icing Room store at NEX was also posted online on Tuesday, leading many to question if BreadTalk was also using cakes “from their competitor”.

“Saw the staff take out a Bengawan Solo box … [then] the staff proceeded to take out the kueh lapis cake and starting spreading frosting over it,” wrote Sandra Lim on her Facebook page.

“[So] not only does BreadTalk take Yeo’s soya bean [drink] and repackage it as their own, they also repackage other’s bakes as their own. Just apply your own frosting and decoration over the cake and sell it as your product? Not entirely appropriate right?”

BreadTalk has clarified that the cake belonged to an employee who brought it to be decorated.

“This is not allowed, and the staff will be reminded of that,” said BreadTalk.

In March, the bakery drew flak for creating a new bun named “Lee Bu Kai Ni” to commemorate the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Netizens slammed BreadTalk saying the move was in bad taste and disrespectful. The product was later pulled off the shelves.

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