Brits cut the fat

Brits are obsessed with the 'exclusion diet' and are cutting out sugar, dairy and salt in a race to stay healthy.

Brits cut the fat

One in three Brits has given up a food group in the past six months.

As 'Great British Bake Off' competitors take on the first ever free-from week, research from Flora has revealed that health-conscious Brits have cut out treats that include refined sugar, salt and saturated fats.

And exclusion diets - as they're known - have been adopted by almost half of Londoners between the ages of 16-35 as leaders of the health pack.

Whilst fashionable carbohydrate alternatives, such as courgetty and caulirice, are proving popular in Cardiff and Birmingham, Mancunians love trendy almond and soy milks as an alternative to dairy.

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