Childhood game costs £150,000

A brother and sister broke a vase worth £150,000.

Childhood game costs £150,000

A childhood game has cost a pair of siblings £150,000.

A brother and sister paid the price for a childhood game which involved throwing balls directly at the rare antique, and 40 years after the game had taken place, it was discovered the vase was an extremely valuable piece by French artist Emile Galle.

The head of decorative arts at Hansons Auctioneers of Derbyshire John Keightley said: "The people selling it said when they were children the boy used to put it on top of his head and his sister used to throw a football at it to try and knock it off and she won.

"It was knocked off his head and landed on the floor and was cracked in two from the middle of the body. It was in two pieces until it was repaired."

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