Couple get visit from dangerous cassowary bird in their home

Peter and Sue Leach had a "very unusual experience" when a dangerous cassowary bird barged into their home in Queensland.

Couple get visit from dangerous cassowary bird in their home

A couple from Australia got the fright of their life when a dangerous cassowary bird casually walked into their home on Wongaling Beach.

Peter and Sue Leach were just going about their normal business at their home in the north Queensland state when the scary creature wandered in.

Sue told AFP: "My husband said, 'look, we've got a visitor!' and there he was walking into the house through the garage.

"My husband quickly ran over behind the dining table and I went outside and stood on the driveway next to the car. At the same time, I was saying to my husband - get the camera!"

The couple, who live near a rainforest, knew that the cassowary was regularly spotted in the neighbourhood but this is the first time it had trespassed into a house as far as they were aware.

She continued: "He didn't bump anything or look for food or the fruit bowl, which was good, and we didn't spook him at all, because they're still a wild animal and they're spooked by dogs and things like that."

Cassowaries are shy birds that live in the deep forest and usually don't come into contact with humans very often as they escape before anyone knows they are there.

So it was a "very unusual experience" for the couple.

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