Daddy long legs enjoy 'bumper year'

Creepy crawlies and daddy long legs are set to flourish this Autumn because of the last year's easy winter.

Daddy long legs enjoy 'bumper year'

It's a "bumper year" for daddy long legs.

The creepy insect known as crane flies are set to invade houses in the UK this winter because of the warmer winter last year.

Entomologist Barry Warrington told The Daily Telegraph newspaper it's a "bumper year" for the cousins of spiders.

He added: "It has not been as cold, there is a lot more for them to prey on.

"People will start to see them even more in the last couple of weeks as they head indoors for warmth, shelter and to find a mate.

"The mild winter we had last year has had a long term effect - a lot of animals that would usually be curtailed by the cold weather simply aren't."

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