Deezer creates 'world's hardest music quiz'

Music-streaming service Deezer and British illustrator Mohan Ballard have teamed up to create what has been dubbed as the world's hardest music quiz.

Deezer creates 'world's hardest music quiz'

A music-streaming service and British illustrator have created a challenge dubbed the world's hardest music quiz.

Deezer has teamed up with c to create a complex collage which contains 50 visual clues of previous BRIT Award winners dating back nearly 40 years, and challenges fans to try to figure out who each one is.

The streaming service and Mohan joined forces with 50 music editors to work on the piece ahead of the BRITs on Wednesday (24.02.16).

Sam Lee, Deezer's UK & Ireland music editor, said: "UK has a massive music history and we all like to think that we have great knowledge of who's who in music.

"This is a fun challenge ahead of the BRIT awards for music fans to name all 50 references. Some of them are easy - such as a Dell computer to represent Adele, but if anyone can guess what the colourful bowtie represents it's a bit more impressive."

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