Diner's half-eaten burger

A woman was disgusted when her McDonalds Big Mac was served with a bite already out of it.

Diner's half-eaten burger

A diner was left unimpressed after he was served a burger with a bite missing.

Lakyn Taite-Allen visited a New Zealand branch of McDonalds and claims she was presented with a cold meal, the Daily Star newspaper reports.

Posting about the incident on Facebook, she wrote: "Went through Lincoln Road McDonald's today and received this unpleasant surprise, A BITE OUT OF MY BIG MAC. Went back in to find out how this happened, not back in to get a refund or another burger but more of an explanation.

"All the manager could say was it's impossible for this to happen as if I had tampered with it or something. Well guess what I received not even an apology or an explanation. (sic)"

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