District Judge caught offering male criminals shorter sentences in return for sex

District Judge offered to cut the sentences of male defendants in return for sex

District Judge caught offering male criminals sex in return for a shorter sentencing

District Judge Joseph Beockmann was caught offering lighter sentences to young males in return for sex.

The Arkansas judge had been running a secret side-business, trading sex for a lenient sentencing - and in some cases he'd reduce their court fines or throw them out altogether.

Mr. Boeckmann had worked as a district judge in Cross County for six years until he was caught reducing the sentences of young men, after at least one, whom is under 18, helped him with "personal work" under his robe.

The Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission unearthed the dirty scheme: Boeckmann told young males to contact him at his home to complete "community sentences" like trash pickup, but once they arrived they'd be given a much different task to service their community. It was also discovered that many were forced to pose for nude pictures, after hundreds of photographs were recovered off his hard drive, according to documents seen by Fox 16.

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