Dog forced to ‘work’ as beggar

This gives new meaning to the phrase “it’s a dog’s life”.


While some dogs work as guard or sniffer dogs, this poor poodle has been forced to work as a beggar by its owner.

According to Chinese media reports, the black dog has been seen begging for money outside a supermarket in Henan’s Nanyang city everyday between 7pm to 9pm, while its owner, who appears to be in his 30s, sits not far away on a chair watching.

The pooch balances on its hind legs as it holds up a sign that reads “I’m hungry” and beside it is a plastic container for collecting cash. To prevent it from running away, it is put on a leash tied to a metal weight.

Sometimes, when the dog takes a break by resting on all fours, its owner will allegedly threaten it by hitting the ground with a tree branch.

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