Driver pays speeding fine with 22,000 pennies

Angry driver pays his $212 speeding ticket with 22,000 pennies to vent his frustration

Driver pays speeding fine with 22,000 pennies

An angry driver has expressed his frustration by paying his speeding fine with 22,000 coins.

The Texan was caught driving 39mph in a 30mph zone, and was consequently fined $212 for breaking the law.

He described the fine as "extortionate" and decided to make the government work for their money by emptying buckets full of change onto the clerk's desk.

Speaking to NBC 5, he said: "When my fine came due, I just decided I may as well pay with pennies and we'll make a big spectacle of it.

"It felt great. It really felt great."

It has since been reported that the driver overpaid by $7.81, but that he was happy for them to keep the change.

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