Drunken diner leaves $1000 tip

A drunk customer left a very generous tip at a restaurant only to ask for it back the following day when he sobbers up

Drunken diner leaves $1000 tip

A red-faced diner returned to a restaurant to ask for a drunken £700 tip back.

The unnamed drunk customer enjoyed his £42 meal at Colorado's Thailicious so much that he left a $1000 dollar tip - the equivalent to around £705.

The waiter was thrilled and took the tip to his boss, Bee Anantatho, who kept it safe overnight.

Unfortunately for the waiter, the freshly sober and embarrassed diner returned the following day.

Mr Anantatho told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "He said 'I'm sorry I was drunk'. He didn't know he put all the money had in the check book."

He did leave a $28 dollar tip instead.

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