Easter Bunny gets into a brawl in shopping mall

A man impersonating an Easter Bunny was involved in a shopping mall brawl, and the fight has gone viral on social media.

Easter Bunny gets into a brawl in shopping mall

An Easter Bunny had a brawl with a father at a shopping mall.

A scuffle between the angry parent and the supposedly jovial figure broke out on Sunday (20.03.16) in a shopping centre in New Jersey, after the man's toddler slipped out of her chair whilst taking a photograph with the larger-than-life rabbit.

Footage of the spat emerged on Twitter showing the two men battling with one another whilst others were attempting to prevent the fight.

A source said the unidentified father verbally and physically attacked the 22-year-old Easter character, however, further investigations are currently in place to get to the bottom of the bust-up.

At present, no charges have been filed between the rabbit and the father, although both men were taken to hospital to receive treatment for their minor injuries.

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