Eight foot alligator carries dead human in mouth

An alligator was spotted with a dead body in its mouth by a pensioner in Florida.

eight foot alligator carries dead human in mouth

An eight foot alligator was spotted with a human body in its mouth in Florida, California.

A startled pensioner saw the monstrous reptile with the person jammed between its beastly teeth near his retirement home.

According to several reports, police later discovered the dead body, but the gator has still not been found and is believed to still be on the loose.

It's not known if the person was deceased before the reptile got to it.

Sergeant Gary Gross of Lakeland Police Department said: "The officers got here and the alligator still had the person.

"He let the individual go, he is deceased, looks like this person may have been dead more than a day.

"We don't want to speculate but I will tell when the officer got here the alligator did a roll and had the person in contact with him.

"The officers immediately got their firearms out in case the gator comes up.

"once he left they didn't want him coming back and pull the body back out, that did not happen."

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