Family pay £20,000 for son's 'ghost wedding' to dead bride

Chinese family pay £20,000 for their dead son to marry a dead bride in heaven.

Family pay £20,000 for son's 'ghost wedding' to dead bride

A family paid £20,000 for a dead bride to tie the knot with their son - because they didn't want him to die single.

Sadly he died three years before he was able to get hitched, so his family gave him a "ghost wedding" with an already dead girl, and they married in heaven.

According to China Radio International (CRI), the parents were given a discount as the dead couple were a "good social match".

The odd ritual is said to be a tradition in China where the man's family reside in Shanxi Province.

It's believed to be done so that families don't feel they have committed a sin by a family member dying unmarried.

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