Father's Day workout plan

A special exercise plan for dads to get them in good shape for fatherhood.

Father's Day workout plan

VirginActive have a special Father's Day workout plan.

The workout is designed to get Dads in good physical shape for the demands of fatherhood.

The routines include Baby Bicep curls, The Night Feed Crunch and Baby Bear Crawls.

The exercises are designed so dads can still spend time with their kids whilst exercising.

One of the workout routines is described as follows: "Use your child as a weight for a set of 10 chest presses, laying on your back with your arms stretched out in front of you, hold the position for 5-10 seconds (dependent on difficulty) before slowly pulling back into your chest and repeating."

VirginActive are allowing dads to go free at their clubs this weekend to mark the special day.

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