Girl finds giant iguana in toilet

A girl was horrified to find a giant iguana stuck in a drain after trying to fix her blocked toilet.

Girl finds giant iguana in toilet

A girl found a giant iguana in her toilet.

Lily Lindquist was attempting to fix the lavatory at her family home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, when she discovered the terrifying reptile lodged in the drain.

Lily, 17, and her mother Marian had called on the help of plumber Ailsa Scott, who found the iguana when she attempted to plunge the block.

She told Local 10: "To my surprise, I pulled out that large iguana. At first I thought it was a toy, and then it started moving around.

"I've never seen anything like this before. This is the first time I pulled something like that out of a toilet."

It is thought the creature fell into the toilet after crawling through an air vent and Lily has vowed to make sure she keeps them closed from now on.

She said: "I don't want to be there when an iguana flies out of the toilet or an iguana bites me when I'm trying to go to the bathroom."

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