Girl swallows 14cm spoon

Doctors in China were shocked to find an X-ray of a 22-year-old girl's chest revealed she had swallowed a 14cm metal spoon.

Girl swallows 14cm spoon

A girl survived after swallowing a 14cm spoon.

Zhang Weiwei, 22, from Wuhan University in Wuhan, China, left doctors baffled after she arrived at their surgery and an x-ray revealed she had the cutlery in her stomach.

The girl claimed she had been shocked by a friend while eating ice cream, causing the spoon to slip down her throat.

Although she insisted she felt no pain and only "bloating" after the incident, she had rushed to hospital after researching the possible side effects on the internet.

She said: "I guess I opened my mouth to scream and that allowed the spoon with a dollop of ice cream on the end which I had in my mouth to go down my throat."

According to the Daily Mirror newspaper, doctors were able to successfully remove the spoon by pulling it back out through her mouth.

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