Island seeks wombat cuddler for orphan Derek

An island near Australia is looking for a wombat 'cuddler' to look after their resident orphan wombat Derek.

Island seeks wombat cuddler for orphan Derek

A job has been advertised for a wombat 'cuddler'.

A woman on Flinders Island off the North-East coast of Tasmania beside Australia is looking for job seekers with skills specialising in petting and giving cudlles for the task of looking after Derek, a baby wombat.

The successful candidate would need to prove they are able to shower the young quadrupedal marsupial - who has soft fur and inquisitive nose - with love and affection.

Derek was made an orphan after his mother was tragically hit by a car and he was thankfully rescued from the warmth of her pouch.

Tourism Tasmania told BuzzFeed the little nipper weighed just 700 grams when he was first found and Kate Mooney - who placed the ad and has hand-reared over 100 wombats to health over the years - was his previous carer.

The lucky person would be flown to the island for three days in order to give Derek some serious cuddles.

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