Jack Whitehall's scary swan stunt in Bad Education

'Bad Education' star Jack Whitehall admitted the swan in the film had more acting experience than him and how "scary" it was when the animal pecked his manhood.

Jack Whitehall's scary swan stunt in Bad Education

The swan in the 'Bad Education' film had "more credits" than Jack Whitehall.

The British funnyman talked to rapper Big Narstie about his new comedy movie and in particular, one of the stunts that saw a swan peck his manhood.

In video, which premiered on SBTV, Jack explained: "There was a swan and the swan had more film credits than me. He'd been in two films and I'd been in none. He turned up with his agent, not an agent but a guy with a piece of string attached to his neck.

"They are scary. Did you know a swan can break a child's arm. So can you imagine what it would do to that child's arm down there."

Big Narstie replied: "It must be professional if it can f*** with your ball bag and not hurt it?"

Jokingly, Jack responded: "It was a very professional swan."

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