Kopitiam employee fired after filmed scraping dead skin with knife

Dead skin flakes with rice, anyone?


Yet another Kopitiam employee has been sacked after she was filmed using a knife to scrape dead skin off her fingers.

The “disturbing” 19-second video was captured by personal assistant Renny at the food court in Sembawang’s Sun Plaza at lunch time on Monday (July 27).

According to Renny, the woman working at the mixed vegetable rice stall picked at “dead skin cells” on her hand with what looked like a knife used for food, before wiping it with a receipt and placing it below the cash register.

Though Kopitiam has since clarified that the knife was not used to prepare food, it issued a warning to the stall’s tenant, who in turn sacked the employee.

Last month, an employee was fired after she was caught on camera scrubbing her shoes in a sink at Kopitiam’s National University Hospital outlet. The National Environment Agency said it would take action against the food court operator for the “flagrant breach of hygiene that could have resulted in contamination of food and utensils".

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