Landlord attempts to rent shed for £530 a month

A property owner in London is trying to sell a shed inside his house for a hefty monthly fee of £530 a month.

Landlord attempts to rent shed for £530 a month

A landlord thought he'd get away with letting a shed in his living room for a hefty price.

Student Joe Peduzzi turned up to view a student let advertised as a double room share in East London for £530 a month but was shocked when it ended up being just a mattress on the floor of a shed in a communal living area.

He recalled: "When I first walked in I sort of noticed the shed in the background but didn't really take it in. Then I scanned around the room and couldn't see a bed so I asked where it was and the guy just pointed to the corner.

"I stuck my head in for a look but there was basically no room for movement. The mattress was right against the walls of this shed and the windows were blacked out. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. There was no chance I was paying £530 a month for that."

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