Lesbian gorillas exist

Scientists identify female gorillas having same-sex passion after it was documented for the first time in the wild.

Lesbian gorillas exist

Scientists have identified lesbian actions among a group of female gorillas.

Associate Professor Dr Cyril Grueter, a primate expert from the University of Western Australia, was looking at the feeding patterns of gorillas in Rwanda when he made the surprising find.

It's the first time homosexual behaviour of it's kind has been formally documented in the wild.

In an interview with Daily Mail Australia, Dr Grueter said: "Instead of seeing aggression between females over food we saw them engaging in sexual behaviour which was quite surprising. They were obviously deriving sexual pleasure from each other ... I never expected to see something like this."

The female gorillas were observed over two years and examination of the footage showed that of the 22 female gorillas studied from 2008 to 2010, 18 engaged in sexual activity with other females - including 'genital rubbing,' 'genital closeness' and mating calls during intercourse - turning to each other for sexual stimulation when rejected by males.

Dr Grueter added: "It usually happens that two females get on top of each other, rubbing their bellies and genitals together, that's the most frequent expression (of sexual intimacy)."

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