Man assumed frozen to death is revived

A man who was assumed dead has been brought back to life after spending 12 hours in snow.

Man assumed frozen to death is revived

A frozen man has been brought back to life.

Don Smith saw his son Justin Smith lying in the snow last February and thought he was dead after he left a social club in the town of Tresckow, USA, at 10pm at night.

It's thought he had been lying there for 12 hours and paramedics agreed with the assessment that his heart had stopped.

However, when the doctor was called to pronounce Justin dead he ordered efforts to revive him, and that evening - after hours of chest compressions and a machine that warms the body and circulates oxygenated blood - Justin's heart began to beat on it's own and he opened his eyes 13 days later.

Doctors assume his revival was possible because his body was kept so cold and there is a growing body of evidence that the cells inside the human body do not immediately die when frozen.

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