Man found warning letter from previous tenants

A man found a secret letter left from the previous tenants who warned they would "always" watch him.

Man found warning letter from previous tenants

A home owner is being watched by previous tenants, a secret letter warns.

Alex Moss discovered a note left in his bedroom in Prestwich whilst he was redecorating the property that warned "I will always be watching you" and was left by the resident before him who lived there in 2001.

The letter read: "Hello, welcome to my room, it's 2001 and I am decorating this room. Hope you enjoy your life, remember that I will always be watching you! Later, Darren Lucas."

Alex took to social media in the hunt for the author of the correspondence.

He tweeted: "Having our bedroom floor replaced. Opened up the fireplace and was met with this... #finddarrenclucas #manchester (sic)"

Within hours previous tenant Darren Lucas replied and embarked on a full conversation.

He responded: "@alexmoss I'm not watching I promise.. Enjoy Guest Road. What a house... wait till the garden blooms in summer!"

To which Alex said: "@D_Clucas yeah I can see things starting to sprout now. Should I send a pic of the room once it's done or will it look weird for you?"

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