Man has Dominos delivered to train

Man has pizza delivered straight to his train as it arrives on the platform.

Man has Dominos delivered to train

A man has taken pizza delivery to a whole new level by having his Italian feast delivered to his train.

DJ Artwork did just that on his 5 hour journey from Sheffield to Glasgow by getting his meal delivered to the platform just as the train pulled into the platform.

In a series of tweets, he revealed: "What idiot would get onboard a five hour train journey without checking if it has a bar car and without getting any food or drink before ... Would anyone in the train line between glasgow and Sheffield go to the shop for me and get me a few bits and meet me on a platform? ... I'm going to try and get a pizza delivered to a train as it pulls in to a station. Bit of research needed ... So the whole carriage is behind me. They are all excited. If they think they are getting one slice they can f*** off!! (sic)"

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