Man kicks up fuss after missing SIA flight

The passenger claimed he was 5 minutes late and the flight should have waited for him.

Man kicks up fuss after missing SIA flight

A Singapore Airlines (SIA) passenger has been slammed for posting a complaint on Facebook after missing his connecting flight from Frankfurt to Singapore.

In his post on Sunday (Jan 18), Vijoy Varghese, a business class passenger, claimed he was held up at a duty free store and missed the departure of his flight by five minutes. He added that the airline should have been more “considerate” as it was a long haul flight and waited for him.

“Im a PPS member, travelling on a business class, at least airlines should have waited 5 more minutes. I got stuck in the line in one of the duty free shop (sic),” he wrote, adding that he had arrived at the gate at 11.55am but the flight had departed at 11.50am.

Though SIA apologised for his experience and offered assistance, the airline noted that boarding time for the 11.50am flight was at 11.10am.

However, Vijoy continued posting his replies and even complained about the “trauma” of having to wait ten hours for the next flight to Singapore, drawing flak from netizens.

Man kicks up fuss after missing SIA flight

Many felt it was inconsiderate of him to expect other passengers to wait for him and even said SIA should not have apologised as the airline was not in the wrong.

“Do you know how hard all the airport staff struggle to make sure the plane depart on time? What happens when everybody starts thinking they can be late for 5mins? How about 10mins? 15?... Go think if you are running the airport and airlines. Why is there a need to check in 2 hrs before?” posted netizen by the nickname of ‘finind’ in an online forum.

“Selfish guy, only think about himself.. what about the other few hundred passengers? Some may lost millions if they are late for another appointment or some might have emergencies.. he can be so selfish and yet claimed to be right,” wrote ‘Revealer’.

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