Man marries pizza

A man has got married to a pizza after deciding women are too "complicated."

Man marries pizza

A Russian man has got married to a pizza.

An unidentified gentlemen can't be bothered to deal with "complicated" women so has decided to get hitched to a chunky, cheesy, slice in order to live a stress-free life.

According to the Daily Star newspaper, he said of the occasion: "Love between two humans is a complicated wild thing. I was grateful that I had at least my love of food and then it came to me that actually love for food remains stable no matter what. Pizza would not reject you or betray you, and speaking quite frankly and sincerely, I love it."

And, although both the Russian authorities and the church refused to play their part in the wedding, he still attempted to keep it traditional.

The quirky ceremony took place in a pizzeria in Tomsk in south-central Russia and involved champagne, a pizza veil and a marriage certificate.

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