Man plants flowers for blind wife

A man planted thousands of flowers for his wife to smell after she lost her sight.

Man plants flowers for blind wife

A man has spent two years planting flowers for his blind wife.

Mr Kuroki created a whole field of gorgeous cherry blossoms in a bid to make his spouse smile again after she lost her sight at the age of 52 and refused to leave their home.

The old romantic - from Japan - embarked on the mammoth task over 10 years ago by ripping out trees and perfecting the soil to ensure pretty purple plant radiated a sweet smell.

Now, with the garden overflowing with thousands of the impressive plant, the pair have attracted over 7,000 a day to their impressive display in the spring time.

And Mrs Kuroki - who sunk into depression after losing her sight following a battle with diabetes - can often be seen walking around the garden with a huge smile on her face.

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