Man's epic fail after trying to claim fake £250,000 scratchcard

A man tried to claim a £250,000 scratchcard and got a funny response from The National Lottery.

Man's epic fail after trying to claim fake £250,000 scratchcard

A man claims he'd won £250,000 on a scratchcard and gets a funny response from the National Lottery.

Johnny Smith wrote on his Facebook page: "Hi National Lottery! I bought this scratchcard recently and as you can clearly see I have revealed 3 £250,000 figures in the end column meaning i should be able to start shopping at Waitrose in the near future.

Unfortunately both bar codes on the reverse side have been removed by a small fire. This completely accidental inferno has also damaged the game number on the front side.

I may also add that due to my clumsyness, in a completely seperate incident i have also spilt pen ink on the other identifying number in the game column. Just my bloody luck eh!?

Just to conclude, if you dont mind sending me a direct message to confirm that this is a winner i would be more than happy to pass on my postal address so you can send me my winners cheque (sic)."

But he certainly wasn't expecting the response he got as the firm got back to him and told him to "completely fire proof" his home and not trade ink for pencils.

The lotto company then informed him he'd not won the prize because he'd clearly stuck the third £250,000 from another card onto his.

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