Man sings out of parking fine

A man managed to sing his way out of a parking fine after charming two officers in California.

Man sings out of parking fine

A man has sung his way out of a parking fine.

Gospel singer TJ Bristol, who is the chaplain of Orange County Jail, was stopped by police in California for not wearing his seatbelt but managed to worm his way out of the ticket by bursting into Joe Cocker's 'You Are So Beautiful.'

Filming himself on a phone after he was pulled over, he said: "The craziest thing just happened to me - I'm being pulled over by police officers.

"I'm gonna pray my way out of this one."

The gentleman then hopped out of his car and charmed two female officers Corporal Ricks and Deputy Hoagland.

TJ later promised the officers he'd always wear his seatbelt from now and was asked by Corporal Ricks to sing a song.

The talented church-goer belted out the lyrics to the hit before telling the policewomen: "You all stay safe out there."

He then turned to the camera and said: "buckle up, y'all".

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