Man slams 'underweight' baked beans

A man has slammed a baked bean company for selling him a tin which didn't meet its advertised net weight.

Man slams 'underweight' baked beans

A man has blasted a tinned food company for "underweight" baked beans.

James Wood took to Wattie's Facebook page to complain that his can of beans weighed much less than the advertised 420g net weight, the Daily Mirror newspaper reports.

He wrote: "On the package it says net weight = 420g. (Definition of Net Weight. The weight of goods being shipped that does not include the weight of wrapping material, container, or other packaging).

"And when I emptied the Ingredients of the can in a bowl on the scales it has told me there was only 386g of baked beans in the can. (sic)"

James was soon contacted by the company's social team and asked to message them privately so they could "clarify" things.

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